Online Writing Services Review 2018

There’s a great deal of academic writing assistance companies available online that provide writing services to students who may not have enough time to sit down and work on their assignments. So to get an essay that meets the standards set by the teacher, it makes sense to find the best services that offer fast delivery as well as exceptional quality. In this respect, Master Papers is among the writing companies that pride themselves in offering the kind of assistance that’s worth your money. But just how much do they offer in terms of quality and user experience?

Here’s a full MasterPapers review to guide you aptly if you intend to place an order on the site.

Online Writing Services Review

Overview of the Company and Services Offered

According to, the agency mainly focuses on delivering well-written assignments for students from different parts of the world. This company also prides itself as home to talented writers with high academic qualifications, expertise, and knowledge in the handling of different kinds of papers. Moreover, they also boast of a versatile team, which makes it one of the most reliable sites that have all it takes to address all the requirements stated by the clients. But do they live up to this?

Firstly, I have noted that the company offers different categories of academic writing services such as college essays, undergraduate term papers, graduate and post-graduate research papers, Ph.D. theses, dissertations, resumes, business plans, grant applications, persuasive speeches, and many more. Additionally, the agency also offers book reports, editing services, copywriting, proofreading, and web development. This diversity is an indicator of how reliable the site is.

Typical of a standard service provider, the format of the papers is 250 words/page for double space and 500 words per page for the single space option. They also offer reference and title pages for free, and these can be adjusted under any of the five writing styles: MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.

MasterPapers.Com Review of Features – What to Expect

While placing an order on this website, I could also select several features. Usually, they have to be paid for, and they include:

  • Making the order a priority

When I chose this feature, my order was assigned to the next available qualified writer. To enjoy this privilege, I had to dish out $9.99.

  • Assigning a top writer in the specific subject

With this feature, I could be sure that the paper was in the hands of a qualified professional in the field. I was assured that the order would be completed properly and per the stated requirements. The amount I paid for this feature was $10.48.

  • Include a plagiarism report

I could pay that additional $14.99 to get a plagiarism report.

  • SMS Updates

These notifications update clients on anything regarding the paper through their mobile handset, without having to check the account. The cost for this is $3.99.

A Review of the Pricing Model of the Site

In this MasterPapers review, I acknowledge that the price charged for the services may not be the lowest in the industry, but it would be true to note that high-quality services don’t come cheaply. From the kind of user experience I enjoyed from this site, I got value for every penny spent. Notably, the price is dependent on the academic level, deadline, number of pages, and the type of work. Let’s break down the rates further.

For maximum 7-day deadline, they charge $16.95 for every page, and a relatively higher rate of $28.95 for a minimum deadline of 24 hrs. These amounts are applicable to college papers. The price range for graduate assignments varies between $17.95 – $29.95. As for business school, the charges lie within a range of $19.95 to $31.95, and the amounts also depend on the deadline. This amount is the same for Medical School and Law School papers.

I got to enjoy a 5 percent discount for orders in the range of 30 and 60 pages, 10 percent for 60 to 119 pages, and 15 percent for an order of 120 pages and over.

What About the Customer Support Offered?

The team of customer service representatives were always ready to assist me at whatever time of the day. They addressed issues related to the ordering process or anything that may come up after this. I can tell that this group of specialists is composed of native English speakers. The representatives also kept getting back to me quickly to resolve any issues within a short period. I could reach them through the live chat and the toll-free numbers.

Bonus System

MasterPapers review is not complete without mentioning their rewarding program. The site offers bonuses to motivate both the writers and clients to remain loyal. First, I could offer a bonus to the selected writer since they submitted a paper of exceptional quality. I learned that the expert received this amount in full, and none of it was taken by the company. Even better, I can request the particular writer to work on my future papers.

As a customer, I also stand to enjoy this benefit. Immediately I became a client of MasterPapers, I receive a personal balance. This amount should get updated as I continue placing more orders. The site’s price chart aptly guided me on the different rewards. For instance, for an order with an urgency of 24 hours, I got a cash equivalent of $2.90 per page.

My Verdict About the Service in Question

Here’s my take of the of Master Papers review: if you’re in need of high-quality writing services, then you should give it a shot. Not only does the company get it right in all the aspects mentioned above, but I also got content of excellent quality. To get a first-hand experience, you can try and order from them.


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