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This report gives an impartial and unbiased review of services and offers made by customessays UK website. All details are correct at the time of publication. is an essay writing services provider.

Features: Research & Custom writing, Non-word assignments, editing, proofreading, paraphrasing, formatting.

Customessays co UK review: Based on the experience with


  1. Quality and originality of work: Customessays guarantee 100% plagiarism free content and they state that a claim of plagiarism in your paper is proved they guarantee a complete refund. In our case we were satisfied by the content.
  2. Customer Service: Initially during the order process there was a prompt communication and response by their agents, we had some language issues pertaining to English speaking.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Customessays offers a complete satisfied experience for it’s customers as they revise and re-revise the assignment or paper until it is perfect. As mentioned in the terms and conditions they reserve the right only to refer and consult any relevant material related to the topic- online publications, books, journal, newspapers.
  4. No resale/republish policy: They transfer the exclusive copyrights to the customer once the order is paid for, which means it can’t be resold or republished by anyone else.
  5. Service deliverance: Custom essays promises timely completion and delivery of your work ordered in case if there is breach of the deadline period they offer compensation in the form of credit or discount.
  6. Price: We found Cost effective as compared to other websites.


  1. Post sale customer service: Poor service due to late delivery of assignment/essay. after repeated requests for amendments their was no action taken.
  2. Value for money: The quality of content is not of excellent level as their prices don’t give them the liberty or margin to hire top professional UK writer.
  3. Trust: They don’t accept visitors at their offices. The website claims to be UK based however there is substantial based evidence that they operate from somewhere else. Customessays co uk is not a registered data controller, full confidentiality clause is not supported in the terms and conditions.
  4. Writers: As we researched online Custom essays had a very simple application process ( to hire writers as it requires their resume and samples of work but no qualification or Id proofs. It questions the quality of content they write.

Conclusion: As we researched some more about on web we found a mix kind of reviews. We would recommend this site with a caution, as their seems to be more pro’s than con’s also they are delivering essays as per orders although with some service and delivery issues. They are legitimate website.


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